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$50 – $150 Reward! You will receive a $50 reward* loaded on your personalized Prepaid Card when your referred friend gets cleaned. If they are signed up for recurring service, we will give you $50 after each of the first 3 visits. Keep your card safe! All your rewards will be loaded onto it!

ChirpChirp Rewards Card

Frequently chirped questions

Still have questions? Please contact us at

Who can join the Chirp Chirp rewards program?

Anyone can join our referral program! Whether you’re a current customer, past customer, friend, family member, employee or a fan, we appreciate you spreading the word!

Can my referral just call in?

Yes! Feel free to send them a link to our website or have them call us at (914) 221-6661 and tell them to be sure to tell us that you referred them so we can send you your reward as thank you.

When will the rewards be paid out?

$50 reward. You will receive a notification email that will inform you that your referral booked a cleaning. Once your first referral is cleaned you will a Visa card in the mail in 14 business days. Every referral reward after that will be loaded directly on your card.

What happens if I lose my ChirpChirp Rewards Visa card?

Please keep your card safe. If you lose it, call (914) 221-6661. You will be charged a $10 reissue fee that will be taken out of your card balance.

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