Chirp-tastic Add-ons

Ask us about our add-ons to our standard packages when you book your cleaning service!

Clean inside of refrigerator

One-time for $60 or $30 if added to every visit

Clean inside of oven

One-time for $100 or$40 if added to every visit

Inside kitchen cabinets and drawers


Clean sliding and French door glass


Wash waste baskets

One-time for $15 each, or just $5 each if added to every visit

Handwash dishes


Load dishwasher


Fold clothing

$25 per basket 

Broom sweep porch, patio, or deck


Broom sweep garage bay


Handwash baseboards

$25 per room

Change linens

$10 per bed

Spot clean walls

$20 per room

Clean inside windows

$10 per pane